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no sofa. negotiating, eh? no sofa. you got it! how about a nice home for our tv? how out doors to hide that drive-in theater? hoabout a cowhide rug? yee-haw!and the sna? get their own place. let the marathon begin! it looks like carelessness started this fire that ripped through a manassas neighborhood. residents want answers. not just about the cause of the blaze. good saturday. i'm craig melvin. that thursday afternoon fire destroyed three houses and damaged five others and now those who are displaced know why. darcy spencer is live with more on what fire investigators
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discovered there. darcy, gd evening. >> reporter: craig, the fire marshal says this blaze was, in fact, an accident. it was caused when a resident discarded a cigarette butt in a potted plant. fire investigators determined the blaze that destroyed three homes in manassas o thursday was caused by a resident that threw a cigarette butt on a plant. >> potting soil is not dirt. potting soils organic material. the mulch that is in these potted plants, sometimes, is shredded timber, shredded bark. >> reporter: the fire marshal says the blaze in the sumner lake community spread from the potted plant to the deck to the vinyl siding and then to adjacent homes. it's been ruled an accident. the fire marshal says the smoker whose house was among those destroyed, had been discarding cigarette butts this way tore sometime. >> there was a small breez 5 to 10 miles per hour that was blowing in that dection and it
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probably fanned that. theay those fires started it probably smoldered for a while. >> reporter: many residents of the community learned of the fire marshal's findings at a press conference. >> i'm glad it wasn't arson or someby doing something malicious. so in my heart, i am relieved. >> reporter: sock residents questioned the fire department's four-minute respose time and whether water supply a pressure were issues in battling the blaze. some firefighters who prevented it from spreading further. >> they say by the time they got here which was pretty quick, that the three homes that were already on fire so he contained it to those three homes so i think they did a predid good job. >> reporter: fire officials say they hope the devastation will be a reminder to be safe and responsible with smoking materials. they say the best way t put out a cigarette is in an ashtray on a metal container. reporting live from manassas, darcy spencer, news4.
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back to you, craig. >> a cigarette butt. thank you. a candlelight vigil was held in virginia for a mother and young children killed in a townhouse fire there. 24-year-old eileen anderson and her son, solomon died from smoke inhalation and burn in a house fire on wednesday. the children were 3 and 5 years old. among the mourners tonight, the children's grandmother. i have lived here for tree years and haven't even seen these many people. so for all of them to come out of their doors and support us, not even though who we truly are, i am really, really loving it. i just thank good for all of them. >> three other children and an adult male escaped that fire. their mother manad to somehow, drop the children who survived out of the window.
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tonight we're following a developing story in fairfax county where teenager has been hit by a car and it happened around 8:15 at the intersection of 34re isn't valley road in centerville. the victim was thrown to the hospital with life-threateninging injuries. the victim's name andge hadn't been released. police are questioning the driver. we're told the driver did stay on the the scene. some developing news in fairfax county tonight. meanwhile, president obama is criticizing republicans once again, for their plans to stimulate economic growth. in his weekly address, mr. obama said that the republican plan for recovery amounts to slashing taxes for millionaires and cutting rules for wall street and special interests. the president also criticized the gop for not listening to americans. >> the republicans who want to take over congress offered their own ideashe her day. many were the very same policies that led to the economic crisis in the first place. which isn't surprising since many of their leaders were ang the architects of that failed
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policy. >> earlier this week, republicans unveiled their governing plans should they take control of congress in novembe calling it "the blej to america." among other things they promise to cut spending, repeal the health care plan and extend the bush tax cuts to everyone. prescription drug abuse in this country is now the nation's fastest growing drug problem and today, some folks in our area and across the country, got a chance to get rid of their own medications safely. derrick ward with more on the prescription drop-off program. >> reporter: a recent dea drug bust in arlington, the substance being pedalled? pscription drugs. ox oxycodone. the authorities want to stem the tide of the drugs that maytart out legally prescribed and then end up illegally distributed. today in our area a dea sponsored a "drug takeback program." e police and fire stations in
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d.c., maryland and virginia set up boxes for unused prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs to be collected and properly disposed of. >> that's a good thing becau oterwise, people might throw things away in the trash or in a toilet. >> indeed, flushing is what most of us would probably do. what goes in here could end up here, in the river. now the water that gets recycled and reused often has minute traces but not enough to ed any harm. the problem is with the ecosystem with the fish and wild live. >> this is a very easy way to prevent a potential environmental problem from happening. if you don't flush something down the toilet or pour it down the drain and bring it here you're guarantees it won't end up i the watersupply. >> or in the wrong hands of like a child or others seeking a high. >> it can lead to overdoses. when people don't know exactly what they're using these drugs for. not prescribed to you so it's not safe to use. >> the drugs dropped off toy
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will be taken to a low-emissions incinerator and burned. derrick ward, news4. if you didn't get a chance to turn in your meds they'd, the dea says you can safely dispose of prescription or over-the-counter med cautions on your own. they say take the pills out of the bottle, throw them away mixed with something unappealing like coffee grounds or used kitty litter,perhaps. authorities complete their seah for explosives aboard a plane bound for pakistan. and we're getting our first look at how rescuers plan on getting those trapped miners out and, drink up. new evidencthat kids are not getting enough water and it's affecting their health. and a piece of white house state dinner history. it could be injures if the price is right. chuck bell, what you got, buddy? we made it into the 90s againtoday. unbelievable! it will not be in the 90s tomorrow. perfect weather for the browns and ravens up in baltimore tomorrow. what about the rest of your weend forecast? any more 90s in the sen-day
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forecast? details coming up. hakim? >> chuck, in sports, a freshman quarterback from maryland lead. the hokies get defensive against boston college. and albert haynesworth breaks his media silence. hear what he has to
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right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good scols. it's a tradition here in marynd-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen colge tuition for four years in a w. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better.
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flames tore through a northern virginia mall this morning and damaged businesses. it took crews hours to get the flames under control in the building in falls church. several businesses including a hair salo insurance office were damaged. the roof partially collapsed as
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firefighters put the fire out. that prompted them to evacuate the building but fortunately, no one was hurt. police evacuated passengers from a flight diverted to stockholm, sweden, today. it was a bomb threat. one man was detained for questioning and then released. the pakistan international airlines flight carrying about 250 passengers was flying from canada to pakistan. a woman called can nad kwan police after the plane was in the air and said a man was on board with explosives. plane was searched a nothing was found. our first look at how the 33 miners in chile will be rescued. there it is, the first of three rescue capsules arrived today. theapsule is only big enough to hold one person. the bottom of the capsule holds three tanks of compressed air, enough for about 90 minutes of breathing. the men have been stuck in the mine since august 5th and expected to be rescued sometime in early november. there's a good chance that
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your son or daughter is not drinking enoug water and it may be affecting their more than you think. a new study in the american journal of clinical nutrition says the dangers of children not getting enough water can have fareaching health implications. doctors say a lack of water can affect physiological function and cause fatigue and muscle weakness and headaches. researchers found that today's children are less likely to have water with meals. instead, many opt for so dasand juices. still ahead, she's out of jail but police have averted to their own tactics to keep tabs on lindsay lohan. we'll tell you all about it. it was summer today, but not here for long. ch [ mom ] my son ryan didn't know his voulez-vous
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from his frere jacques... [ speaki french ] [ mom ] he decided to study in paris. ♪ to see french masterpieces with his very own eyes. we even linked our citibank account to his so when his account ran low we just transferred funds. i just hope theanguage isn't a barrier. bonjour. [ mom ] my ryan can be very shy. [ male announcer ] from linked accounts to citi mobile we make it simple to manage your finances. what's your story? citiba can help you write it.
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deja vu for lindsay lohan. she's wearing a! alcohol-monitoring bracelets with part of the terms of her release. let me catch you up. lohan failed a drug test again, judge orders her into custody again. anher judge lets her post bail instead. last night she posted a $300,000 bail and got out of jail! and all. oh, yeah. she's in court again on octer 22nd. and mikheil sahel and auction nears say that the skirt is a jubl. they are also saying that they expect it to go for somewhere between two and $3,000. the auction is next saturday and
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80% of procds go to charity. not re where the her 20% will go but i think we all have a pretty good idea. let's talk about the weather. geez, it looks like june or july out there >> when in dot just forecast 90 something around here. no doubt. another day i thought we'd get up close to 90 degrees and we made 93! that's in the year with 90s that began back in the first week of april and here we are, having them in the last seven days for e great month of september. 93 today. that made it, yes, indeed, for those of you keeping track at home, our 67th day in the 90s this year. that ties the record,et back in 1980 for 67 days. in the 90s and in the calendar year that ties now with 1984, the most ever. right now, 79 degrees in washington. the dew point is have really started to tumble. they were in the low 60s this morning and now back into the mid 40s. winds are from the north at 10e to 15 miles an hour and the north wind will drive the cooler
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and noticeably less humid air down into the area so off to a much cooler start tomorrow morning. temperatures have really been slow to taper off this evening and the cold air running behind schedule for sure. here's a check of doppler. no rain around here. some ground clutter on the radar. showers across the fa southside virginia headed to tide water as well. the closest rain to us is on the north side on the city of richmond and most not reaching the ground. across southwestern virginia those showers are the real deal, part of a much larger weather system that will bring clouds into the area during the day tomorrow and rain chance also start to be on the up and up. any time after about lunchtime tomorrow. we have to at least, be on the lookout for showers. i think the steadier rains don't arrive in the washington area until probably close to midnight tomorrow night but the further south and west you go the earlier the rain chances get to you. this is tomorrow night. heaviest rains to the south tomorrow but there could be some breakout showers that bring in some rain chances, light rain
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chances in southern maryland, stafford, as early as late afternoon or early evening tomorrow so don't rule it out. once the rain starts and goes through tuesday, could get two to three inches ofain in some spots down in the southern shenandoah valley. in the morning, partly cloudy and much cooler strt. temperatures in the 50s. tomorrow afternoon, increasing clouds and a chance of rain, primarily not until well after the sun goes down other than a slight chance of abreak-away shower or two. after our 93 today, we'll only be in the low 70s for tomorrow and monday. with a lot of rain in the forecast for monday, monday night andmaybe even some stronger thunderstorms on tuesday. we'll keep you posted on that. we dry out and quiet back down again and wel get the work week fnished up. albert haynesworth, opening up. and busy day in college football. turk goes for a w
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i just caught the first part of the maryland game and they looked like they were having trouble early on? >> they did but their freshman quarterback, solid. look out for this kid. all right? i'm saying, freshman quarterback's usually hold the clip board on t sideline. not maryland's danny o'brian. the redshirt freshman made his first career start against florida international and he was stellar. no surprise. two weeks ago playing in a backup roll he through three first-half touchdowns. he got the nod because the starter was out with a shoulder injury. in college park, second quarter. danny o'brien and the turks
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trailed, 7- working out of the shotn, o'brian throws to the corner of the end zone. williams, are you kidding me? he got the foot down. great catch and they tie at 7. o'brian the first freshman to start a qb from maryland in 11 years. ensuing panthers' possession. tony logan fields it at the 15-yard line. tony logan, he's going to score. 85-yard punt return for the touchdown. maryland on top 14-7. i don't think he's taking spanish in college, maybe french. i don't know that but ike spk lating. they have jamar robinson on the sideline because he hurt his shoulder. a 68-yar scores strike. o'brn threw for 250 yards, two tds and no interceptions.
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running bk had two tds on 103 yards rushing. maryland wins improving to 3-1. virginia tech opening up conferen play against boston college. the hokey's defense went to work. the first quarter, no score. bc in the led zone. dave is underressure and he throws. hosely with the interception. that's impressive. the ensuing hokey's possession. tierod tailorand he tosses it to evans. he scoots up the sideline. evans scores on the next play giving virginia tech a 7-0 lead. the hokey's defensive coordinator, bud foster, looking like a madman. 15 seconds t play in the first half. he runs out of the pocket trying to get to the end zone but morgan, number two on the
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tackle, he's short of the goal line and the clock expires. so that's it. end of the half. frank beamer and the hokies blank boston college 19-0. they were first shutout since 2006. the hokies are 2-2. how about that? in charlottesville, the cavs hosting the military military institute. first quarter, no score. cavs on offense and to dontrle inman. he makes some mov a he's in for a 25-yard score. uva in front, 7-0. he threw three touchdowns. later, game tied at seven. vmi kicking it off. horn takes it at the 13-yard line. he fin some running room and in an abundance of running on the play, wow! >> he's faster than them. >> ght. 87 yards and the cavs win big, 48-7. uva is unbeaten at home. next up? florida state.
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to baton rouge, louisiana. bill stewart and number 22, west virginia, against the 15th ranked lsu tigers. big play in the second quarter. patrick peterson for lsu, and this is big-time. returns a punt 60 yards for the touchdown. >> a lot of that today. >> lsu coach, look at that, strikes theheisman coach. les miles says, don't do that. lsu leads in the fourth quarter. > redskins defensive tackle, albert hayneswoth expects to play against the rams after been inactiveast week. he's been the topic of conversation for al the wrong reasons and today he added more to the discussion. here's haynesworth talking about his contract on the "kevin and rock show" on 106 maps in motion , the fan. >> just because somebody pays
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you money, they'll make you do whatever they want or whatever, you know? i mean, is everything f sale? i'm not for sale. yeah, i signed a contract and i got paid a lot of money, but just because that doesn't mean i'm for sale a slave or whatever, you know? we were agreed upon to come to that, that i'd play, you know, defensive tackle. and not nose guard or this other stuff. signing on with a 4-3 team. there were a lot of promises and stuff like that. but now, i mean,t's been better. we run a lot of 4-3 stuff and you'll see that tomorrow. >> counterproductive. that's all i'm going to say. >> that could be the name o the back of his jersey. >> there you go. >> counterproductive. >> that's it. all we have for you. hopefully,redskins' highlights
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for you tomorrow. "saturday night live" is up next with their season premiere. chuck bell was throughout. >> they pulled like 164,000 pound airbus for 12 feet. the money
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>> mr. jesup, christine o'donnell is here. >> have her come in. oh, boy. >> hiii. >> hi, christine, how are you? i'm ted jesup. this is jim oucher. please, sit down. >> yeah. >> so, christine, jim and i are handling the rnc role in your delaware senate campaign.
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